Are you seeking for the most effective upholstery cleaning method? If so, you should know that steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods and safest ways to clean upholstery around. It not only removes stains and deeply penetrates your sofa’s fabric, but it also kills dust mites and other allergens that may be in your upholstery. At Couch Master, we have many years of experience using this method to clean all kinds of couches, couch beds, pillows, cushions, mattresses, and more!

Couch Cleaning in Mount Lewis

A beautiful, well-kept sofa is the centerpiece of any home. However, even the most delicate fabrics can become stained and matted over time. There is a simple solution: professional sofa cleaning from Couch Master

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Having your sofa restored to new condition by our experienced cleaners won’t take long. You will be satisfied with the results of our Couch Cover Treatment or our Full-Service Couch Cleaning Package. Contact us today to get started!

Lounge Cleaning in Mount Lewis

So if you’re in the market for sofa and upholstery cleaning in Mount Lewis, then look no further. We are a locally-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in making your furniture look and feel like new. Whether you need just one item cleaned or an entire house, we’ll make sure that everything looks great again. In fact, we often have our clients tell us how clean their houses always look after we leave!

Sofa Cleaning in Mount Lewis

A recent move into a new place left me with lots of household items that needed to be cleaned up. I started with the living room furniture and began looking for sofa cleaning i Mount Lewis companies nearby. It was easy to find one as there are plenty of local professionals in the area who offer this service. When I called a company, they said they could come right over and provide a quote on the spot.

We talked about what I wanted to be done and how much time it would take, after which we made an appointment for three days later at eight am. The couch cleaning in Mount Lewis service arrived exactly on time and took measurements before providing an estimate on costs; their fee was far below what other companies had quoted me!

Upholstery Cleaning in Mount Lewis

Families know accidents happen. Spills can happen, and mud will track in despite your efforts to keep it out. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry – Couch Master is here to help. Our team is experts at removing all kinds of stains, from typical stains to the most challenging ones.

We’re also gentle on fabric, so you can rest easy knowing your furniture is in good hands. For a free consultation, contact us right now to experience the difference.

Couch Steam Cleaning in Mount Lewis

If you have a sofa that needs to be cleaned, consider a professional sofa steam cleaning company such as Couch Master. They clean sofas fast and with excellent results.

  • Check out seven good reasons to hire Couch Master to clean your sofa.
  • They use the most up-to-date equipment and tech.
  • Well-trained professionals are on hand to take care of any accidents or stains.
  • Highly skilled at working with any fabric
  • This way, you won’t need to stay home when work is being done.
  • Deeply clean couches, armrests, backs, and more.
  • One can always call a pick-up service, should that be desired.
  •  The process is eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.
couch cleaning in Mount Lewis

Fabric Chairs Cleaning in Mount Lewis

Our fabric chair cleaners have been serving the Mount Lewis area for over 5 years and have developed the skills to clean your fabrics quickly and effectively. With every visit, we ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer professional Fabric Chairs cleaning of furniture, sofas, pillows, and carpets in Mount Lewis at Couch Master. In addition, our friendly staff can offer services 7 days a week, including public holidays, at no extra charge, using our top-notch cleaning solutions on microfiber sofas, cotton futons, and any other material types.

Our Fabric Chairs Cleaning equipment is great for fabric furniture as it uses high temperatures and low moisture levels to deeply clean your upholstered pieces without damaging their fabric fibers. It uses a unique heat extracting method that converts liquid into steam to produce deep cleaning results. For example, we can remove dirt and mud from your sofa’s cushions that traditional cleaning would miss.

Couch Stain Removal in Mount Lewis

Couch stains can happen in any room of the house. This can be a difficult problem to clean up without the right products. We have the expertise and quality products needed to remove stubborn stains with easy cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to work! These products are not only 100% non-toxic but safe for children and pets as well.

We specialize in sofa cleaning mount lewis or couch stain removal mount lewis services as well as other fabric furniture items such as loveseats, ottomans, love seats, and chairs. No need to worry about your wool upholstery. We also have rug cleaning services for wool carpets that are built into our fees.

Leather Couch Cleaning in Mount Lewis

In addition to being beautifully rich in color, leather also has a soft, and smooth feel is durable and has a fine shine. It eventually becomes tired looking or drab due to too much sun exposure or being left in the heat, or it picks up unsightly stains from general wear and tear or food spills.

Regardless, there are many things you can do to fix your leather furniture! You can get a leather couch cleaning in Mount Lewis by calling the company Couch Master.

Suede Cleaning in Mount Lewis

Suede is all about cleanliness. People are hesitant to clean suede due to the complicated process of getting it clean and ensuring that you don’t ruin your clothes in the process. However, there’s no need to panic over this.

You can clean suede with a spray bottle of water and a mixture of two cups of soap (or shampoo), and one cup of baking soda. Be sure to clean a small area at a time to ensure thorough coverage. Therefore, it’s not just for clothes – you can also use it to clean your couch!

While washing, be careful not to rub too hard or stretch the fabric because it might break the nap. You should also dry your furniture thoroughly before using it, especially when suede isn’t naturally stain-resistant. A hairdryer set on low heat or air drying outside on a sunny day is a quick way to accomplish this.

You can also leave your furniture in direct sunlight for a longer drying time if you prefer!

couch cleaning in Mount Lewis

Ottoman Cleaning in Mount Lewis

Do you need to clean your upholstery? Our Eco-Friendly products can save the environment at the same time. Cleaning the home more is healthy for you and your family and friends! And furniture such as sofas, ottomans, love seats, and more can be cleaned for a small price by my company.

To preserve your upholstery for as long as possible, let us tell you what you can do to prolong its life: carefully clean your upholstery after use with a vacuum cleaner or broom brush.

For example, it is ideal to choose upholstery that is both stain resistant and easy to clean because different fabrics require different levels of care.

Couch Scotchgard Protection in Mount Lewis

In addition to food spills, sticky drinks, kids being kids, and pets being pets, there are many things that can damage your sofa’s upholstery. A deep clean will freshen the air in your home, but it is not enough. Spills, liquids, and stains take longer to remove when they have time to penetrate the fabric.

You can protect your couch from these accidents, however, by using natural fibres like cotton or wool that have their own benefits; Scotchgard fabric protectors can provide years of reliable protection against unanticipated mishaps, such as spills. Wool does not retain dirt like a lot of other fabrics, so it actually self-cleans!

Same Day Couch Cleaning in Mount Lewis

In response to customer feedback, we now offer same-day service! So now, you don’t have to stress if you need your place cleaned; our services are all-inclusive! With over 5 years of experience in Sydney, you can count on Couch Master. Reach out to us, and we’ll send a cleaner right over to have your sofa look like new in no time.

Aside from cleaning services, we offer a variety of other options.

  •  Flat-packaged houses or homes
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Prospective tenant screening
  • Home inspections for recently deceased estates

Here at Couch Master, we have competitive packages available with flexible payment options. All of our cleaners are well-trained with the most up-to-date methods for sofas. Their products are both environmentally safe and child-friendly.

We’re pleased to tell you about +61 0405063481 for more information about how they can help you. Give us a call today or visit their website for more information!


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