We know that couch cleaning Double Bay nurturing a healthy and clean home and taking care of your valuable furniture is your priority, but sometimes it's not easy.

To do this, you need a dedicated, reliable and experienced couch cleaning Double Bay service provider to help keep your home clean and your valuables in good shape.

If you are looking for a couch, lounge or sofa cleaning expert in Double Bay, we are here for you. We've specialized, invested our resources and knowledge in acquiring the experience needed to keep the sofas, upholstery and lounge furniture in your home clean and at the same time, ensure the material is protected and maintains its natural look. We successfully clean

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning
    • Bloodstains
    • Juice and wine stains
    • Stubborn stains
    • Odour
    • Mould stains
    • Coffee and Tea stains

    We understand how frustrating it can be keeping sofas, couches and lounges clean in a home with young children. After a party, we know the ugly stains you are left to deal with but don’t worry, we are here to keep your home furniture in good shape and clean. 

    It’s also not easy to remove stubborn stains, and if you manage, the odour or smell can linger around for a while. We have the technical knowledge to deal with any blemish with careful consideration of your valuables fabric and make. The couch cleaning Double Bay technic we use largely depends on the stain type and material. 

    Why choose us Lounge cleaning Double Bay?

    No one likes living with the guilt of an unkept home, but it can be hard to find time for deep cleaning. We at Lounge cleanings know how busy life can be and are here to help you out! Our dedicated team is available for couch, mattress and upholstery cleaning services.

    Lounge cleaning was founded in 2012 by an expert team of cleaners with a passion for spotless upholstery. We are passionate about our work and strive to provide a high-quality service at all times. Whether it’s a standard couch cleaning or mattress steam cleaning, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied when you see your sparkling new furniture.

  • We are dependable

    Do you need a quick service? We are just a phone call away. Call us with details of your cleaning needs, the types of stains you are dealing with and book our couch cleaning Double Bay services. We will arrive on time at your premises readily equipped to clean the items and leave your house smelling and looking great.

    Our couch cleaning Double Bay services are fast, and you can even use our online platform to book a convenient time to have the work done. 

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

We have an experienced Upholstery Cleaning Double Bay and handy team

All our couch cleaning Double Bay technical staff go through rigorous training to equip them with the skills needed to handle different equipment and successfully clean upholstery, lounges and couches. As we specialize in cleaning these three items, we go into in-depth training to make our work more valuable and attain permanent results. 

Our couch cleaning Double Bay teams are also equipped with the necessary soft skills, assuring you of a highly professional team handling your valuables. They are friendly, honest, experienced, and you can trust them in your home. They make sure they leave everything in place and better than they found it. You don’t have to supervise their work as they are highly ethical.

We also have enough workers to handle all our clients’ demands, enabling us to offer fast services and even attend to emergencies when they arise. We make sure to meet our clients’ convenience. We let you book the service when it’s convenient for you, not us.

Upholstery cleaning is a great way to not only freshen up your living space, but also rid it of any harmful bacteria. Couch Cleaning in Dawes point can help you remove stains and odors from your couch. We offer a variety of services for all types of furniture pieces.

Upholstery is a great investment as it helps you relax in your home and entertain your guests. Taking care of your upholstery regularly helps maintain its beauty, but how often should you clean it? How do you go about cleaning upholstery? A professional sofa cleaning company can help. Couch Cleaning in Dawes point offers upholstery cleaning services for all kinds of upholstered furniture pieces such as love seats, couches, chaises and more!

Sofa Cleaning in Double Bay

What do you want to find when you get home from a long day at work? A tidy house? A clean sofa? Our couch cleaning company is committed to meeting your needs. We provide top-notch services that will leave you feeling refreshed and delighted after a long day. Whatever it is that you need done, our team of professionals can handle it for you. Due to our extensive experience, we know how to complete tasks successfully.

Couch Steam Cleaning in Double Bay

What is couch cleaning, you might ask? It’s a service that helps remove dirt, dust mites and other allergens from your home. Couch cleaning can be done by professionals or it can be done at home with a few simple supplies.

Here are some tips for deep-cleaning your couch:

1) Vacuum the entire couch to remove any loose debris.

2) Remove the cushions and vacuum them.

3) For stubborn stains, dampen an old rag with water and scrub lightly.

4) Dry off as much water as possible before replacing the cushion.

Leather Couch Cleaning in Double Bay

Cleaning your couch is not an easy task, but it’s necessary. It might seem like the couch is beyond cleaning, but we can help. Leather Couch Cleaning in Double Bay specializes in deep cleaning even the dirtiest of couches.  We have the right tools and experience to make your old couch look new again. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

Suede Cleaning in Double Bay

Suede cleaners have a variety of different properties, from alcohol-based to oil-based, depending on the material and the fabric. But with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs. The best thing you can do is call our professional upholstery cleaning company for a FREE quote. We will evaluate your upholstery’s stain and fabric type and work out the most suitable cleaner for you!

Fabric Chairs Cleaning in Double Bay

No one likes to think about the day when they might need to move out. But it’s always best to be prepared. When the time comes, you’ll want a plan and a checklist of things that need to get done before you can move on with your life. For example, if you have furniture or appliances that are taking up space in your home, but aren’t worth selling or donating, it may be time for some couch cleaning in Double Bay!

Couch Stain Removal in Double Bay

You have stains on your couch and you want them gone. Some people would go to the store and buy a new one, but that’s not always an option. The next best option is to get it cleaned by a specialist. Don’t let those stains eat away at the fabric of your couch. Contact us for a free consultation!

Ottoman Cleaning in Double Bay

Ottoman cleaning is a service that provides couch and sofa cleaning. We’re based in Double Bay, but we offer services across Sydney. Our company was founded on the belief that all homes deserve to be clean and comfortable. That’s why we work hard to make your home feel like the perfect place for you to relax at the end of a long day.

We have a team of expert cleaners who are trained to clean even the most difficult stains with care and precision.

Couch Scotchgard Protection in Double Bay

Cleaning a couch is not an easy task but it’s a necessary one if you want your new couch to last. If you have any spills, smudges, or stains on your couch, we recommend getting it cleaned right away so that the fabric doesn’t start to wear out. Don’t forget about Scotchgard protection!

1) To clean your upholstery, the first thing you need to do is vacuum the entire surface of the couch with a soft brush attachment.

2) Next, use a water-dampened cloth and soap mixture to scrub all surfaces of the furniture.

3) Rinse the furniture off with warm water and then allow it to air dry.

4) After cleaning, protect your sofa by using Scotchgard Spray or Upholstery Protector – this will make future cleanings much easier.

Same Day Couch Cleaning in Double Bay

Cleaning your couch is a dirty job that nobody wants to do. But it doesn’t have to be! Simply follow these simple steps and you will have your house looking fresh again in no time.

– Vacuum the area where you will be cleaning first, this should remove any loose dirt and dust that would otherwise get on the couch while you’re working.

– Take the cushions off of the sofa and vacuum those as well. Next spray the cleaner of your choice onto one or two cloths and start wiping down the surface. If there are stains that won’t come out with just water, use a cleaner designed specifically for upholstery fabric on those spots only. Once you’ve finished with one side of the couch take the cloths and put them into another bucket filled with clean water so they can soak for later use.

We invest in the right Couch Cleaning Double Bay technology

As technology advances, we have not been left behind. We use the latest cleaning technology, which is evident in the equipment we have invested in, enabling us to offer more quality services and a faster turnaround. 

We have invested in different equipment to ensure we can handle clients’ varied demands. For instance, the leather cleaning process is not the same as a fabric cleaning procedure, and the equipment used may differ.

Other than the equipment, we use appropriate cleaning products. Our couch cleaning Double Bay products are gentle on your home and the items’s fabric but at the same time practical. We source the most effective products in the market that do not leave an after-work annoying smell as many strong cleaning chemicals do. The products also don’t alter the colour or texture of your couch’s fabric.

Sofas have been known to be one of the dirtiest pieces of furniture in the home. A recent study has shown that on average 90% of people keep their sofas longer than they should, and it’s not only because they are too nice to replace but also because they are expensive to replace at today’s prices. Our expert couch cleaning Dawes point technicians can help you get rid of that old couch and get you into a new one without breaking the bank!

Procedure Couch Cleaning Double Bay

When you want your sofa, upholstery or lounge furniture cleaned what’s the procedure?

  • Call and explain the services you need, be it a sofa, couch or upholstery cleaning and the stains details. It can be a mixture of dirt or a particular stain such as tea or mould stain.
  • Book your most convenient day and time for the service
  • Give your location details if it’s your first service from us or you’ve changed addresses.
  • We let you know the different payment options available, and you can chose the most convenient. 
  • Pay for the service.
  • We come on the appointed day, and you can relax as professionals take care of your worries. 
  • Give feedback on the experience.

With our services, you can maintain a clean, healthy home and ensure your couch, lounge or upholstery serves you for a longer period. Our couch cleaning Double Bay services are also affordable and customized to fit our customers’ needs and preferences.


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