A sofa, Couch Cleaning Cranebrook or lounge is generally a major purchase. Couch Cleaning Cranebrook this means that most people will want them to last for a long as possible.

Couch Cleaning Cranebrook even if you decide to change them, Couch Cleaning Cranebrook it’s good to know that you can get some of your money back by selling them on pre-loved. Couch Cleaning Cranebrook it’s therefore worth investing in professional care for your upholstered furniture to keep it at its very best.

Couch Cleaning Cranebrook

A professional steam clean will give your Couch Cleaning Cranebrook a whole new lease of life.  It’ll get rid of stains, and banish smells and even improve how your couch feels. Couch Cleaning Cranebrook will also help to kill off any nasty germs which have made their home in your upholstery.

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Our cleaning process

We vacuum each piece using a professional-standard vacuum cleaner.  Couch Cleaning Cranebrook then we pre-treat any areas with visible stains.  Once this is complete, we steam clean the entire furniture piece using the right cleaning product for its finish.  When we’re done, we’ll advise you how long you need to leave your furniture to dry before you start using it again.

Giving your furniture enough time to dry is really important to avoid encouraging the growth of mildew and mould.  One of the main reasons upholstered furniture can fall victim to these is that homeowners try to treat large stains themselves.  They use too much water and/or don’t allow the item sufficient time to dry.

Upholstery Cleaning Cranebrook Services We Offer

Here’s a quick guide to our Upholstery Cleaning Cranebrook services.

Sofa cleaning Cranebrook  and couch cleaning

Sofas and couches often have to withstand a lot of hard wear.  Even when there are only adults in the house, they aren’t just places to sit or lie.  They’re places to eat and drink.  Once you add in kids, they become places to play.  They’re also often used as beds for guests and/or pets.  In short, they more than justify an investment in quality, professional sofa Cleaning Cranebrook, and couch cleaning.

Lounge cleaning Cranebrook

Lounges can work just as hard as sofas and couches.  This means that they get exposed to a similar level of wear and, hence, deserve a similar level of care and attention.  Having your lounge professionally deep cleaned regularly will keep it looking, smelling and feeling its best over many years.

Upholstery Cleaning Cranebrook

Upholstery protects you from your furniture and your furniture from you (and the elements).  It’s therefore important.  Having furniture reupholstered can be worthwhile, but it can also be expensive.  This means that it’s worth investing in regular, professional deep cleans to make it last as long as possible.

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Cranebrook

If you get a minor stain on your upholstery, then you may be able to deal with it yourself.  You will, however, need to be very careful, because you can make the problem worse instead of better.

For major stains, however, the best approach is to call in our same day upholstery cleaning service in Cranebrook.  Here are some examples of issues we deal with regularly and why they matter.


Even in your own home, blood spills should be taken seriously for health reasons.  You want to avoid any possibility of one person’s blood entering another person’s body, for example through a cut.  You also want to avoid the smell of blood attracting meat-eating pests.  Last but definitely not least, blood stains look like blood stains and most people instinctively dislike them.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee spills are three problems in one.  Firstly, the tannin in tea and coffee stains upholstery very easily.  In fact, they’re sometimes deliberately used to give fabric an “aged” look.  Secondly, most people drink tea and coffee with milk.  If the drink is spilled then the milk will go sour and start to smell.

Thirdly, if a person drinks tea or coffee with sugar (including flavoured syrups), then the sugar will form an adhesive paste.  This can be a magnet for insects, especially ants.  What’s more, pets will generally try to lick it off, as might young children.  It’s bad for both of them.

Wine and juice

Wine and juice are also three problems in one.  Firstly, the colouring will generally stain.  Even white wine and lighter juices will usually be visible, particularly on lighter fabrics.  Secondly, most wines and juices will start to smell after a while.  Some can get pretty strong.  Thirdly, all wines and some juices have sugar in them so you have the same problem as mentioned above.

Mildew and mould

Mildew and mould are problems which often creep up slowly until they are suddenly noticed.  This is often when the smell reaches a point where it makes people investigate what is happening.  Mildew and mould are both health hazards, especially if people have respiratory conditions.  It’s therefore best to get professionals to deal with them straight away.

In short

If you’ve invested in a quality sofa, couch, lounge Cleaning Cranebrook, or other items of upholstered furniture then it’s worth protecting your investment.  High-quality professional deep-cleaning will keep your furniture in top condition for longer.  That means it can actually save you money.


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