Couch Master Carlton is a reliable and upfront sofa & couch cleaning Carlton service ready to take your booking and deliver a quality of service you'll be glad you invested in.

We give the rooms in your home a fresh new feel by deep Upholstery cleaning Carlton stains, odours, and mould from valued fabrics and returning them to their former condition. We also provide a quick booking service for same day Couch cleaning Carlton.

Couch Cleaning Carlton

The couch is one of the most frequently used items of furniture in the home.

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

 It’s used by adults and kids alike for watching TV, gathering with friends, and eating food in the mornings and evenings.

It’s not surprising your couch quickly collects dirt and grime that embeds itself into the material causing discolouration and hygiene issues. The material your couch is made of often determines the frequency of steam Couch cleaning Carlton services. 

When was the last time you looked at the condition of your couch? Perhaps you haven’t realised it’s in need of a deep clean, or maybe you’ve known that for some time but haven’t had a gap in your life to hire a professional service. 

If you live in Carlton contact Couch Master for a quotation. We can remove all kinds of dirt and grime from your furniture and make it look and feel as good as new. We use the latest steam Lounge cleaning Carlton technologies to ensure you get the best results. 

Upholstery Cleaning Carlton Services We Offer

Despite the name Couch Master doesn’t only specialise in steam Upholstery & Couch cleaning Carlton couches and bringing back their natural features. We also tackle upholstery including sofas, arm chairs  couches, and more. The type of sofa cleaning Carlton we help with is outlined below. 

Stubborn Stain

You know the type. It might be from blotting or accidental spillage that has ingrained itself in the fabric. You get used to stubborn stains like this but they shouldn’t be there. Couch Masters can remove them for you. 


Removal of bloodstains on your upholstery is something of a priority. Regardless of how hard you scrub or what magical chemicals you use, blood will always leave a dark patch that’s impossible to remove or endure. Contact Couch Master for a quick solution. 

Juice Stains

Juice and drink stains are particularly hard to remove from fabric upholstery. The sugar in juice or wine quickly establishes in the material and causes discoloration. When this happens the stain is virtually permanent unless professionally removed. 

Mould Stains

Mould can occur if some liquid is not properly removed from the upholstery. It grows into the fabric and breaks it down meaning your furniture is at risk or deterioration as well as discolouration. Mould also has health implications for your family. Contact Couch Master to have it removed. 

Coffee and Tea Stains

Coffee and tea are two of the most commonly used drinks in the front room and on couches. It’s not surprising we attend to many of these types of stains in Carlton. Since they are hard to remove you may need a professional service like Couch Master. 

Stains and Odour

It is not only the discoloration of a stain you need to attend to when removing the after effects of spillages on your upholstery. The smell is a problem too. Odours can arise from upholstery long after a stain is removed and requires a professional to eradicate it. 

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Carlton

There is never a convenient time for a spillage to occur. On the contrary, it’s usually during a busy period or when you’re invested in a social gathering or occasion. You know the damage stains can do but you don’t have the resources to handle it right away. 

Certain stains such as wine, tea, coffee, and juice can be soaked up immediately and the worst of it removed, however, the underlying damage will remain and represent a weakness in the upholstery that will be exploited over time. It will be the beginning of a larger issue.

With this in mind it’s best to deal with the stain and odour professionally as soon as you can. That’s where Couch Master comes in. We exist to service your couches and upholstery in Carlton at short notice and ensure your furniture stays clean and new-looking. 

To facilitate this we offer a quick service process that allows you to book online easily and select a time that suits you best. Simply input the details of the stain into our online booking form and pay using the convenient and secure payment portal. 


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