CouchMaster is a dependable stain and odour removal, couch cleaning in Berrilee service in your local areas.

Couch Cleaning in Berrilee

When was the last time you had your couch or living room upholstery cleaned?

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

If you’re like most people you don’t think about it until it’s absolutely necessary. That means you notice distinctive discolouration, or a odour has developed. To avoid this have it routinely serviced. 

Discolouration and odour aren’t the only things you want to avoid by enlisting couch steam cleaning in Berrilee service, there can be a build up of bacteria and dust mites as well. That’s why we would recommend more regular steam cleaning for your couch and upholstery. At least once a year should be enough. 

Maybe you clean your couch or upholstery yourself using products from the supermarket. If so, you might think you are taking care of the bacteria and germs. These products might offer some cleaning purchases, but they don’t live up to professional steam clean – they may also discolour your furniture. 

If you live in Berrilee you’re in luck. You can book a professional steam cleaning service from Couch Master. We use highly trained professionals and the latest equipment to bring your furniture back to looking new again. We provide this service at your convenience. 

Upholstery Cleaning in Berrilee Services We Offer

Couch Master is best known for its flagship cleaning service, which is couch steam cleaning in Berrilee. But that’s not all we do. Couch Master can make your home sparkle by eradicating stains and odours of all kinds from upholstery Cleaning in Berrilee, armchairs, and mattresses. 

Stubborn Stain

A stubborn stain is one that won’t disappear even after several products are tried and lots of effort is made. They can be made by all sorts of things: blood, oil, juice, wine, or coffee. Couch Master can quickly remove these stains and bring your couch back to new. 


Blood can get on your couch in any number of ways, a sporting accident, a bloody nose, a finger cut while crafting. A bloodstain is particularly hard to remove and you will probably need the assistance of a professional service such as couch cleaning in Berrilee. 

Juice Stains

These days many people eat and drink in front of the television, which means on the couch. It’s not surprising then that juice is one of the most common stains that Couch Master removes. If you want your couch to look new again, call Couch Master today. 

Mould Stains

Mould stains are both unsightly and unhealthy. The spores from mould can become airborne and get into the lungs causing breathing difficulties. This is another good reason to have mould stains professionally removed. Contact Couch Master today. 

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Coffee and Tea Stains

Couch Master removes coffee and tea stains every day from couches, they are not only extremely common but they are very stubborn and cause unpleasant odours in the room. If you know of some tea or coffee staining on your upholstery, contact Couch Master. 

Stains and Odour

Couch Master is your one stop shop for upholstery stain and odour removal in Berrilee. We will arrive at your convenience, use the latest equipment on your upholstery, and leave your home stain and odour free. For a quote, give Couch Master a call.  

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning in Berrilee

Sometimes you need your couch or upholstery cleaned at short notice. It might be due to a spillage on a new item of furniture, or an emergency situation, perhaps an accident shortly before a special occasion. At Couch Master we understand this, which is why we offer a same day cleaning service. 

If you need your upholstery cleaned at short notice we have made the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Visit our easy to use website and input your details. Describe the type of stain you have and pick a convenient time for us to remove it. You can then pay in advance. 

Couch Master will arrive on the selected day and time. We will work quickly and efficiently and won’t leave until the room meets your expectations. Don’t delay, if you’re short of time or need your place cleaned at short notice, use Couch Master, your local Berrilee cleaning service. 


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