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Types of lounges cleaned

It doesn’t matter if you have a leather recliner or a linen Lounge Cleaning suite, we can clean all types of fabric and finish, using the right products to have them looking as good as new.

Our cleaning process

When we arrive at your home, we’ll thoroughly vacuum the entire item to remove any dust and dirt. We’ll then look over the item to assess any stains or areas of concern, which will be pre-treated. The entire item will then be cleaned with the best fabric lounge steam clean solution for the type of material.

We’ll let you know how long it will take to be completely dry and then you can get back to your day.

How often should you have your Lounge Cleaning?

Lounges are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning your home. We don’t notice them until they are particularly dirty or get a stain. But they are notorious for collecting dirt, dust, and mould, which isn’t great for your health.

As part of a hygienic home cleaning routine, you really need to have your Leather lounge cleaning done about once a year under light use. If you have kids and pets, you know how messy they can be, so you’ll need to have it done more often.

Maintaining your lounge in between cleans

To extend the life and cleanliness of your lounge, it's essential to maintain it between professional cleans. Our team can provide you with tips and advice on how to keep your lounge looking its best.

Why use Couch Master lounge cleaning service in Sydney?

If you’re looking for fast, efficient lounge cleaning services at a great price, then you need Couch Master.

Our friendly team has years of experience and works to the highest standards. All of our work is fully insured, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Experienced Staff

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Natural Products

We only use natural products in the process, No harmful chemicals are used.

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Best Equipment

We use the best and world class equipment for the cleaning process


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