When you spill something on your couch, you have to act fast to clean it up before it soaks into the fabric and stains it permanently. You can use these tips to remove spills from your couch as quickly as possible and make sure the stains don’t set in!

Dab the area with a paper towel

First, lift up any cushions you can and remove any throw pillows. If your couch has removable covers, take them off as well. Then get some clean paper towels or rags and press down firmly on whatever substance is present—dabbing is much more effective than blotting. This will transfer most of it onto your towel (which you’ll want to discard right away).

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle

Vinegar is made from mild acetic acid and is safe for cleaning fabric without discolouring or damaging it. This makes it an ideal solution for cleaning spills from upholstery, carpet, and other fabrics.

When using vinegar for cleaning purposes, always dilute it with equal parts of water (for instance, 1/2 cup vinegar to 1/2 cup water). The mixture will work as a multipurpose cleaner that helps break down messes.

Spray or pour the solution onto the stain

You’ll want to use a spray or pour technique instead of rubbing. Rubbing can move dirt around and make it even harder to clean. If you don’t have any blotting paper or dish towels handy, you can always grab some toilet paper and use that as blotting paper (no judgement here). The TP will soak up most spills without harming your upholstery.

Blot until dry

Any liquid, even water, can soak into the fabric and ruin its texture. Blotting (not rubbing) will get up as much of it as possible before it has time to seep in too deeply. We recommend blotting with either a clean rag or paper towels (which are more effective at absorbing liquids), but only use an absorbent cloth if you’re very sure that it won’t leave residue behind on your couch.

Repeat if necessary

A spill that is fresh can be cleaned easily, as long as you act quickly. Blot up excess liquid with paper towels, and then start at one edge of your couch with some mild detergent and water (1:10 ratio).

Using a clean white rag or sponge, apply the solution directly onto your spill; do not pour it directly onto your fabric! If you don’t have distilled water, try boiling regular tap water for 15 minutes.

Allow fabric to air dry completely before sitting on the couch again

Upholstery is often better suited for vacuuming than wiping. If you’re worried about permanently staining your couch, use a damp sponge or cloth instead of wipes.

If you have time and if there are no rips or tears in your fabric, allow it to air dry before sitting on it again. In most cases, spills can be safely removed from upholstery without fear of permanent damage—and with just one other precautionary step!

Hire Couch Master’s Professional Couch Cleaning Services

Although it’s tempting to try and tackle spills and stains yourself, doing so might actually do more harm than good. Leave it to our couch cleaning experts at Couch Master.

Our pros will clean your couch without causing permanent damage. We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products, which means you can breathe easy knowing that your couch is in safe hands.

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