The arrival of spring signals the end of winter’s worst and means that it’s time to clean out your home, declutter, and make it fresh again. Although we don’t think about it as much as we should, every bit of our home should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

This includes your furnishings! Your white linen couch may be durable, but that doesn’t mean you can treat it with neglect and dirt will never show up on its surface. Make sure your home looks its best in the upcoming season by learning how to clean a white linen couch in this guide!

Preparing the Couch

When cleaning white linen, it’s important that you prep both your couch and your workspace well. It’s best to move your couch outside or into a room with good lighting so you can easily see every inch of fabric.

For smaller couches and love seats, covering them with drop cloths can help protect your floors from any dust that might be released as you clean. Gather all necessary tools, including an ironing board if needed.

Spraying on Some Soap and Water

Most soaps are perfectly safe to use on your couch, and it’s an inexpensive way to refresh them. First, remove any cushions or throw pillows from your sofa, then douse them with water.

The best solution is warm water mixed with mild dish soap (like Dawn). Remove as much of the excess water as possible with dry towels. Allow it all to air dry completely before replacing pillows and covers.

Laundering the Sofa

If you have light-coloured furniture, you need to be careful in how you clean it and what kind of cleaning products you use. You don’t want your couch or other upholstered pieces of furniture, such as an armchair or ottoman, to end up with stains that might be impossible to remove.

Take your time when choosing a cleaning product and make sure it’s appropriate for cleaning cloth furniture.

Rinsing Off Excess Suds

First, make sure you’ve done as much pre-soaking and vacuuming as possible. Then, pour mild detergent into your bucket of hot water and slosh it around with your brush or sponge until suds form.

Thorough rinsing is important because you don’t want any soap residue left behind—and if you don’t rinse well enough, that soap could cause staining and yellowing on white linen fabric.

Dry it Off, Steam it Off, Iron it Off

The easiest way to remove stains from your white linen couch is with a steam cleaner, like Bissell’s The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.

This deep clean machine cuts through stubborn dirt and grime—including common household stains—with its powerful cyclonic action. Now that our apartment has gotten older and messier (thank you, twins), we couldn’t live without it.

Removing Stains with Baking Soda, Vinegar, or Ammonia

Use baking soda and water, or an equal ratio of baking soda and vinegar, to remove stains from your white linen couch. You can also use ammonia; however, some people find that ammonia has a chemical smell that doesn’t dissipate quickly.

Be careful with any of these solutions, as they can damage fabric over time. Once you have removed all traces of discolouration using one of these methods, you can set out to tackle a variety of other cleaning projects around your home.

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