Leather lounges are pretty expensive, and you want yours to not only last as long as possible, but also to look as good as possible while it is in your home.

In order for that to happen, you need to clean leather lounge regularly to keep it in tip-top condition, but how exactly do you do that?

Spot cleaning

If you spill something on your leather lounge, then it is a good idea to clean leather lounge it up right away. You can mop up spills with paper towels before carefully sponging the leather with a soft microfibre cloth and some mild dish soap and warm water.

Hopefully, by doing this as soon as you spill something on the lounge, you can prevent stains from becoming embedded into the fabrics upon which time they will be much more difficult to get out.

Deep cleaning

Of course, lounge cleaning is something you will need to do whether you spill anything on the fabric or not, from time to time, in order to ensure that it stays clean and presentable. The best way to do this is usually as follows:

Start by vacuuming

Before you do anything else, you are going to want to very carefully vacuum the lounge to pick up any dirt and debris, such as crumbs and pet hair, from the lounge, giving you a much cleaner surface to work with.

clean leather lounge

Pre-treat stains

You will then need to pre-treat any stubborn stains with suitable clean leather lounge treatments so that it can get to work dissolving those stains before you get in there with your cloth for a more thorough clean.

Clean with a cloth and cleaning solution

It is always best to use a soft microfibre cloth when you are dealing with leather furniture as it will be less abrasive and less likely to damage your clean leather lounge by removing the surface layer of the fabric.

As we mentioned above, it is possible to use a solution of warm water and mild dish soap to clean leather, but it is often a safer and more effective option to use a professional lounge cleaning solution, which has not only been formulated for the job, but which is also perfectly designed with the fabric in mind, and much better at removing stains than soap and water alone.

Of course, if this all sounds like too much hard work, then getting in a professional leather lounge cleaning company like Couch Mater will save you a lot of time, and effort and remove the potential for cleaning disasters.

Couch Master

Leather lounge cleaning is a delicate process because if you use the wrong chemicals or scrub the furniture too hard, you can cause the lounge to become discolored or damaged, which is why, although you can technically do it yourself with a vacuum cleaner and leather-safe solution, it is often better to leave it to the experts at Couch Master who will come in go through the whole process of cleaning the lounge, from vacuuming up and debris to using cleaning solutions to get rid of stains and freshen the furniture up, carefully so that you don’t have to. So, why not give them a call today?

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