Taking time for cleaning your couch cleaning is one of the most significant things to do if you want to stay comfortable and enjoy being in your living room. It is quite easy to do so. No matter how fancy, how good looking and how cozy your couch is, if it is dirty, it is unattractive. It is better to keep your couch clean for yourself and your guests. However, since we have mentioned, it is quite easy to properly maintain the freshness and appearance of your couch with just 5 simple steps. Most couches are luckily pretty easy to clean and maintain. So, here are the 5 simple steps for easy couch cleaning!

1. Vacuum Your Couch

For deep cleaning your couches, you first need to remove debris and the large particles from its surface. Get rid of enough bits and dirt from the surface using a regular vacuum while continuing your cleaning procedure. Ensure removing all the pillows and cushions and other objects on your sofa for properly vacuuming everywhere. One more tip is to work in a systematic manner for ensuring the entire sofa surface is well covered.

2. Use a Brush to Remove Stuff

While most of the large part of a couch is removed using a vacuum, it is now time for using a lint roller and a small brush in order to remove small particles that were missed such as hair. Lint rollers can be quite useful for couches that are dominated by pets. It can quickly pick up fur and hair. After brushing your couch cleaning, you must vacuum it again for picking up the last bits of dirt for more effective results.

3. Use Baking Soda to Remove Odor

For rapidly deodorizing your sofa, baking soda can do a great job. Baking soda on the sofa will not just clean it but it will remove odors in an efficient manner. Apply a thin layer of baking soda on the top of your sofa and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Never go too heavy when it comes to using baking soda. Ensuring baking soda on the sofa is a little dry. If it is a little damp, it may not work then. After that, you can use the vacuum cleaner again for removing the powder.

4. Determine the Type of Fabric

Now, determine the type of fabric of your couch because it is important before you get on with the cleaning work. For this purpose, you can find the tag that tells what fabric a couch is composed of. The tags normally have instructions for what items you must use for cleaning the fabric.

5. Remove Stains

Time to remove stains and clean your couch. After determining the type of fabric, apply the solution using a brush and small cloth in a careful manner. Again, cover the spots. Let your sofa dry. All fabrics can’t withstand water or a few other materials. So, these are the 5 simple steps for an easy cleaning of your couch.


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