Having your couch cleaned professionally can help keep your home from feeling too dirty, but it doesn’t do much to make the sofa feel more comfortable. To actually feel clean and new again, you’ll need to learn how to dry couch after cleaning.

And no, that doesn’t mean letting it air dry in the backyard. If you don’t know how to dry your upholstery after cleaning, these tips can show you what to do next time.

Things You Will Need

Upholstery cleaner/water spray bottle, microfiber cloths or soft scrubbing sponge, and a drying rack.

Step 1 – Vacuum

If your couches are fabric, vacuum up as much water as possible with a suction hose (be sure not to damage or puncture your upholstery). If it’s leather, you should use a soft-bristled brush instead.

While vacuuming, be sure not to poke any holes in your leather. When you’re done vacuuming, stand back and evaluate whether or not more water has pooled into unseen areas of your sofa. If so, try vacuuming to dry couch after cleaning.

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dry couch after cleaning

Step 2 – Get Rid of The Water

The first step in dry couch after cleaning is getting rid of all of that excess water. Water can take a long time to dry, even if you’re using powerful fans or hair dryers.

You need to focus on getting rid of as much liquid water as possible and remove any large, heavy puddles before attempting anything else. This will help avoid creating stains that are difficult to remove later.

Step 3 – Protect From UV Rays

If you’re leaving your couch outside, it’s important to protect it from UV rays. Even with a cover on, some UV rays will still penetrate and damage your furniture.

To make sure your couch stays new-looking for longer, place a cover over it that blocks out all of these harmful rays. This will help keep your upholstery looking new for years.

dry couch after cleaning

Step 4 – Use Fans and Dehumidifiers

The easiest, fastest way to dry couch after cleaning is with fans and dehumidifiers. You can use both of these tools together or separately. An alternative method is using large plastic containers placed under or next to your sofas with airtight lids.

Add a towel into each container for additional moisture absorption and place dehumidifiers in them. If you go through all of these methods and still haven’t been able to dry couch after cleaning completely, then it might be time for a replacement couch!

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Step 5 – Move to Another Location (optional)

One of your couches is dry and one is still wet. You want your dry couch after cleaning in a different room, but moving it will probably cause it to get wet again. If you decide to move your sofa, figure out if there’s a way for it not to get wet when you do so (i.e., use plastic sheeting).

Ensure Better Couch Cleaning With Couch Master

Washing your couch is definitely a big job and you would want to make sure that it is going to look as good as new after cleaning. It’s much easier if you are able to use commercial-grade equipment and solution, but not everyone can afford them.

If you are looking for better results for cleaning your upholstery, hiring Couch Master would be the best option. Contact us today to schedule a professional couch cleaning. To assist you with your queries and resolve your problems, our customer service staff is available 24/7.

How To Wash Couch Cushions Foam

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