Upholstery cleaning is an essential routine. Leather is porous and can absorb oil from your skin, causing stains. White leather is prone to dirt and spills and therefore you must clean them regularly to maintain its color. While stains on white leather can be troubling, there are various methods and techniques that you can use to clean them out. Make sure you choose the right cleaning solution and employ the proper cleaning method to avoid damaging your couch in the process. A smooth cleaning solution can purify your couch without leaving marks or damaging the fabric. Follow these few simple steps to help you clean your white leather couch.

Vacuum To Remove Dust

Vacuuming will help remove debris from the couch. Some waste can scratch the surface of the sofa. It is better to be careful when removing the dust from the sofa’s creases. A smooth bristle brush can be a perfect tool to clean up the dust from the sofa foldings. After vacuuming, use a dry microfiber duster to remove the light specks of dust on the couch’s surface.

Clean the Couch With a Dumb Microfiber

Use distilled water at room temperature to prepare a cleaning solution—mix equal volumes of water and white vinegar in a bowl. You can also consider purchasing a cleaning solution from the market if it is within your budget. It is also good to read the labels on the cleaning solution to avoid causing damage to the leather. Put your microfiber rag in the cleaning solution and squeeze it just wet but not soaked. Too much water will damage the leather on the couch. Clean the sofa gently from the top downwards. Keep rinsing the rag in the cleaning solution as you clean the sofa. Do not leave any section of the sofa wet.

Remove All Type of Stains

Oils and grease from beauty products, clothes, or food can stick on the couch. It is easier to remove them immediately after they get on the sofa. When cleaning, sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch to remove the oil stains. Dip cotton wool in rubbing alcohol to remove paint and ink stains. When the colors are out, clean the surface with a wet rag and dry it with dry clothing. To avoid discoloring your white couch, mix an equal portion of lemon and tartar cream to clean stains. Sprinkle the lemon solution on the stained areas, let it sit for ten minutes, and clean with a wet rag, then dry the sofa with a dry rag

Condition Your Couch

Mix two cups of white vinegar with ten drops of lemon to make a conditioning solution. Commercial leather conditioning solutions can also be a good option. Apply the conditioner on the whole surface of the couch and use a clean rag to massage the sofa in circular motions. Let the solution dry up overnight. The next day, brush the sofa to remove the gloss from the top-bottom, this time in fast circular motions.

Repeat this cleaning process regularly to keep your white leather couch shining and beautiful. To improve the durability of your leather couch, you can hire a Couch master for professional cleaning. A Couch master is skilled and knowledgeable in ensuring your white leather sofa is restored to its original beauty.

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