High-quality upholstery is an investment. You’ll maximize the return you get on it if you take care of it properly.  In particular, you need to make sure that it’s appropriately cleaned. You can certainly take care of lighter, day-to-day professional upholstery cleaning yourself. It is, however, best to complement this with regular professional upholstery cleaning.  Here are five reasons why.

It’s more hygienic

Here at Couch Master, we use professional-standard tools and cleaning products.  We also know the best cleaning techniques to use in any given situation. This means that, when we clean, we get past the surface fabric (or leather) right deep down into the heart of the padding. That’s where germs, mould and mildew can all lurk.  We make sure to put a stop to them.

It makes your furniture last longer

Even a tiny stain can do a lot of damage to your furniture. For example, a lot of common household drinks have sugar in them. It may be natural sugar but it’s still sugar. If one of these drinks gets stuck on your couch, the liquid will evaporate leaving the sugar to sink into your professional upholstery cleaning. This will make it stick, stiff and vulnerable to damage.  It may also attract pests.

Regular dust (and pet dander) can also be destructive.  Again, they work their way past the surface fabric (or leather) and into the padding.  The abrasive effect can wear it away surprisingly quickly.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

It banishes smells

Upholstered furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.  Lounges are, literally, for lounging.  Sofas and couches are for relaxing.  That does, however, mean that upholstered furniture inevitably starts to pick up an odour. It will absorb sweat from your body.  If you have pets, it’ll pick up their smell too.  If you eat or drink (or smoke) on your upholstered furniture, there will be even more odour.

That’s a fact of life but it doesn’t have to be a problem. If you invest in professional upholstery cleaning from Couch Master, we’ll make sure that we leave your precious upholstery smelling just like new.

It brings up colours and textures

Do you remember what your upholstery looked like when it was brand new?  After professional upholstery cleaning by Couch Master, you will. We’ll bring out its colour and refresh its texture. That means your upholstery will look better and feel better to sit (or lounge or lie) on.

It’s much quicker than doing it yourself

You could buy your own professional-standard tools and cleaning products and learn how to use them yourself.  It might not be very cost-effective and you’d need somewhere to store them out of use, but you could.  At the end of the day, however, why would you want to?

Your time has a value and, generally, one of the best ways to maximize that value is to get smart about delegating work to other people. Using professional upholstery cleaning from Couch Master means that you can get an essential job done while you get on with your day.  When you come home, you can just relax on your cleaned and refreshed upholstered furniture.

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