The couch cleaning in your lounge space are a focal point of the room. When we plan the layout of our lounge, we plan everything around the placement of the couches. Where do they sit in relation to the light? To the television? Are they comfortable and the right size for the room? Couches bring us comfort, style, and class to our living room space, and as a result, they get an awful lot of attention.

While this is lovely, wear and tear can cause couches to look worn down and old, and that’s the last thing that you want for your living room. Whether you use your couches to eat dinner, watch TV or sit around with the dog, couch cleaning is a must to have yours looking their best once more.

It may feel like an impossible task to work on couch cleaning, but it can be an absolute breeze if you know how to do it without causing any damage or additional stains to your couch. So, let’s take a look at how you can indulge in a little couch cleaning and get yours looking its best once again.

How to Clean a Couch Cleaning 

With regular couch cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that spills and damage will be prevented and this will ensure that your couch lasts for longer. With the three steps below, you can ensure that your couch cleaning efforts are successful every single time!

  • Use a dry brush to help you to loosen up dirt, debris and any pieces of loose fabric that need to be swept up and thrown away.
  • Use your vacuum on a lower setting and and remove all the crumbs and items you could shake free with the dry brush. These may have been embedded in the couch for some time, and you need to get these up before you add any water or couch cleaning products.
  • Switch out the cushions by flipping them over and getting the other side into the air to breathe.

Sometimes, your regular maintenance routine can’t take care of the things that you need to deep clean. You need to go a little deeper with cleaning cloths and a stiffer brush, and the magic of baking soda and a vacuum cleaner with the right attachments. Baking soda can be the magic ingredient to your couch cleaning endeavours, and here is how you can use it to clean your couch yourself.

  • First, test out the fabric by using your baking soda on the corner – somewhere inconspicuous. This will help you to ensure that the baking soda is safe for your particular couch material.
  • Use the stiff brush to get the crumbs and debris away.
  • Apply your baking soda and let it sit for at least thirty minutes. Some people use baking soda mixed with a carpet cleaner for a deeper clean, too.
  • After thirty minutes, you can use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. Don’t forget to get into the smaller grooves.
  • If there are any tougher stains left behind, you can use a solution that will work on the fabric. A clean cloth will help you to blot away the stains.

How to Shampoo A Couch

If you want to go a little deeper with your couch cleaning, you should consider renting a steam cleaner or use a couch cleaning company to do it for you. Steam cleaners are a great way to get that deeper clean and if you want to use one, it’ll work on a range of upholstery except for suede. Here are the steps to shampooing your couch!

  • Vacuum the couch as thoroughly as possible with the brush upholstery attachment and include the cushions in that, too. This will remove all of the dirt that may be embedded.
  • Add water and cleaning solution to your steam cleaner and then start cleaning the couch. The brush needs to be moved back and forth evenly and in a straight motion that goes with the grain of the couch.
  • Leave the cushions off of the couch so that they will dry thoroughly before you put them back on the couch.
  • Remove the couch cushion covers and check the tag. If they are machine washable, follow the instructions. You can also beat the cushion covers outside so that you get rid of all the debris. Leaving them in the sun to dry is a must, too, as the UV rays can work to disinfect the fabric.

Couch cleaning is a must for a tidy home and couches that will last for longer!

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