Steam clean a couch gets rid of bacteria, stains, and any other dirt that makes your furniture look dull. Using a steamer is one environmentally-friendly method of removing fabric stains. The machine works by boiling water to produce steam for washing and sanitizing household materials like couches; additionally, no toxic chemicals are used.

Couch Master is the premier professional clean a couch service provider in Sydney, Australia. Our experienced team of janitors offers commercial and residential clean a couch solutions to remove stains of different kinds from your upholstery.

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Here’s how to clean a couch with a steam cleaner

Inspect for color fastness

Color fastness talks about a specific color’s resistance to running or fading. Using the microfiber pad of the steamer, you will need to gently steam and wipe portions of the couch that are less visible, and check for color fastness after 15 minutes. Assuming that no area has been discolored, you can proceed to treat the remaining part of the couch the same way.

Vacuum first

Food debris, pet chairs, and dust can make the surface of your couch look messy, and so you will need to first vacuum-washed foreign materials from your couch. If there are cushions, you may want to vacuum all their sides as well.

Pre-treat deep stains

It’s also important to spray tough stains with a spot-removing upholstery cleaner. This will help soften them for steaming. After waiting for about 5 minutes, you can blot the stained spots with absorbent washcloth to get rid of the stain and absorb excess clean a couch solutions. Oxy Clean is suitable for cleaning oil-based stains.

clean a couch

Precondition the surface

You can use an emulsifier to dislodge all pieces of dirt and grit. Try to apply emulsifying solutions on all your couch and cushion surfaces, and allow things to set for a while. After that, use an upholstery shampoo and spray the solution deep into the fabric.

Prepare the unit

Under normal circumstances, you have to detach the water reservoir from the steamer and fill it up with water and a fabric cleaner of your choice. Choose the best upholstery accessories such as revolving/stationary brushes or cloth pads. Before you secure the attachments, allow the first jet of steam to flow out into a washbasin, and clear away all excess water.

This should leave the output vapor drier ready for use, then you can use the right flow settings for treating your upholstery. Ensure that excessive moisture does not find its way into your fabric.

Clean fabric pillows

Use the steamer to blast the fabric surface until it becomes damp. Move the nozzle over the damp fabric to suck up excess moisture or washing solutions. Excessive amounts of moisture can cause your fabric to become soaked, which means it may take a longer time to dry up.

Allow the couch to dry

After steaming the fabric, allow enough time for the couch to dry up. The drying time may vary based on humidity conditions as well as the wetness of your steam output. To speed up the drying process, ensure good airflow by opening your windows and switching on your stand fan or blow dryer.

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If stains remain on your furniture cloth after clean a couch, you will most likely have to re-steam your couch. You may also want to vacuum your couch when it’s completely dry. This will further remove all remaining dirt and leave you with neat furniture. If the above DIY techniques don’t work out for you, consult Couch Master Cleaning Service. We may apply a heavy-duty commercial cleaner to remove your stains once and for all.

clean a dirty white leather couch

Four Things to Note about Couch Steam Cleaning

  • If your couch or sofa is made of velvet or leather, be sure to read and follow all steam cleaner instructions as stated by the manufacturer.
  • In your own interest, you may want to schedule your clean a couch on days that you can leave your windows open without any inconveniences.
  • Fresh airflow will ensure that your couch dries thoroughly after steaming.
  • Choose the right steamer. Upholstery steamers should be handy as they are often used in tight spaces. Some clean a couch designs come with parts that allow you to fill them with special solutions. This can be a helpful feature if you want to remove both odor and stain.

Couch Master provides excellent washing solutions for businesses and homes in Sydney. Whether you want to remove stubborn stains like blood, mold, juice, and coffee, you can trust us to get the job done to your expectations.

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