Over time furniture tends to lose its lustre. You buy a shiny new sofa cleaning cost and within a few months the colour fades, the material wears down and dust and dirt overtake the look you paid for. Even if you care for your sofa really well, time is a cruel beast and you will need to be vigilant about maintenance if you want your sofa to look good for longer.

You may think that your only option is to save your cash and replace the sofa when it starts to wear down. The real response here should be to ask yourself: how much does sofa cleaning cost on average in Sydney?

The good news is that furniture restoration doesn’t have to cost the earth. With the help of professional cleaners, sofa cleaning services could be everything that you need to get back to its best. The money you’d spend cleaning your sofa will be considerably less than replacing it and it was replacement your mind first went to, right? So, let’s check out what influences the cost of sofa cleaning cost in Sydney and then move onto the average costs.

Determining Costs

Every professional furniture cleaning company does things differently. Some use more specific cleaners than others, and it’s this that will change the cost of the sofa cleaning cost that you spend. So, we’ve outlined some of the main factors that will influence the cost of the sofa cleaning cost you pay for.

Type Of Sofa

Do you have a fabric or leather sofa? Is it a two-seater sofa or a modular option to seat ten people? The size and shape of your sofa along with the material will determine the cost you pay. The bigger the sofa, the more you pay, but you may find that the cost of the sofa cleaning cost changes based on materials used, too.

Time of Booking

Sometimes, you will find that your booking is more expensive depending on the time of year you book. If you book your sofa cleaning for the weekend, you will pay a little more for the premium, as you would during a public holiday. The best thing to do is try to book as early as possible to get the date that you want.

Additional Services

Did you know that if you request a stain protector you could affect the cost of the cleaning? These are sprayed on the surface of the sofa to protect it from other stains soaking into the fabric. This is an invaluable cost addition – especially if you have children!

Type of Clean

Are you looking for a simple shampoo and freshen up or do you need an upholstery deep cleaning? You may also add your sofa cleaning as part of a wider home and furniture cleaning service, which will bump the cost.

Sofa Cleaning Methods

Now that we know the reasons the costs can add up, let’s take a closer look at the types of sofa cleaning methods out there. Not every method will be suited to your particular sofa, so it can help to know what you’re going to be paying for.

Hot Water Extraction

If your sofa is synthetic or made of wool, hot water extraction is used as the most common method. Water pressure is forced into the fibre to remove dirt and soil, then the water is sucked back using a powerful vacuum to remove 95% of water instantly.

Dry Sofa Cleaning

Any materials that are not water resistant will benefit from dry sofa cleaning cost as the preferred method of cleaning. Solvent is applied under pressure deep into the fabric and the machine sucks back the solvent and all the dirt comes with it.

Dry Foam Cleaning

This method is used in the most delicate fabrics and the sofa will be vacuumed and a conditioning spray is used to dissolve dirt. Foam is then applied and once it hardens, the vacuum will suck the hardened foam back.

Cleaning Leather

With the right cleaning routine, leather will last for longer. Foam cleaner is used and then brushed off and wiped over.

How Much Does Sofa Cleaning Cost On Average In Sydney?

You can spend anything up to $200 on sofa cleaning cost in Sydney, but this figure is an average and not a ceiling amount. Cleaning your sofa really does depend on the number of furniture pieces that you are going to have cleaned. The size and fabric type of your furniture matters here, and so it’s best to contact your sofa cleaning company for a quote today.

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